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A millennial wearing a hijab stands at a whiteboard. They are presenting to older and younger colleagues seated around a table.  The image represents the work of Jennings International Education Leadership & Training in the area of supporting organizations in strategic and operational planning.
Strategic & Operational Planning: Services


At Jennings International Education Leadership & Training we offer services to support you and your organization in strategic and operational planning. We have a deep understanding of balancing institutional culture with aspirational and pragmatic goals to develop and enhance plans that reflect the local, regional, national, and global contexts.

Our organization works with you - our partners - to continuously move the international education and global engagement sector forward with inclusive, responsive, and critically informed initiatives and practices. We help you imbed equity, diversity, and inclusion perspectives and actions, along with data, metrics, and risk mitigation considerations into your planning to help ensure you have the information needed to adjust and realize your goals.

As highlighted in our testimonials, we utilize our "ability to achieve wide collaboration and assist others in building strategic plans that will help shape [your] institutional future in the IHE world."

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